I Do like be Beside the Seaside

Hello People :)

Two months ago, I went to Boston
During a day, I had a chance to go near the ocean, and visit beautiful places. 


Hello November

Hello People :)

It's finally November. I don't know about you, but I don't really like this time of the year... Halloween is over, and Christmas' coming next month. 'Till December, there is nothing entertaining.. So I've decided to give you my best advices to wait patiently 'till December.


Halloween Cupcakes Recipe

Hello People :)


I LOVE Halloween, I love scary things, I love treats, I just love it.

So in order to celebrate this spook-tacular day, I made some Halloween Cupcakes

Enjoy :)x


Boston Diary

Hello People ! :)

I finally went to America. It was such a good experience. My first time in America was just perfect. 
And I wanted to save this moment forever, so I decided to write a post, my diary
My Boston Diary


South of France

Hello People

If you follow me on twitter, you should know that last week I was on holidays in the South of France. So let me take you on my crazy journey ! :D