I Do like be Beside the Seaside

Hello People :)

Two months ago, I went to Boston
During a day, I had a chance to go near the ocean, and visit beautiful places. 


Halloween Cupcakes Recipe

Hello People :)


I LOVE Halloween, I love scary things, I love treats, I just love it.

So in order to celebrate this spook-tacular day, I made some Halloween Cupcakes

Enjoy :)x


Boston Diary

Hello People ! :)

I finally went to America. It was such a good experience. My first time in America was just perfect. 
And I wanted to save this moment forever, so I decided to write a post, my diary
My Boston Diary


South of France

Hello People

If you follow me on twitter, you should know that last week I was on holidays in the South of France. So let me take you on my crazy journey ! :D


Sit and Think

Hello People.
(I re upload Sit and Think here, because I had a lot of good feedback when I first posted it, so why not, but also for those who wants to know what kind of post I do, you'll see, I just share my life with you.. enjoy ❤)