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Hello People

If you follow me on twitter, you should know that last week I was on holidays in the South of France. So let me take you on my crazy journey ! :D

We went down there on Friday, with my car. It was soooooooo long (17h). We stopped a lot of time and we even slept in the car. It was fun tho. We arrived next to Lyon at 3am, and Marseille at 5am. Then we stayed in Marseille a little bit more, 'till 7am. We visited Marseille (by night is so beautiful omg). We saw 'Notre-Dame De La Garde'. In front of it, there was the sea. It was really beautiful

Then we arrived to our destination 'Boulourisse, Saint Raphaël'. We were at 3 min to the beach (we had to cross a small brigde from our hotel to get to the beach). 

With my sister and my dog, every morning, we would run next to it. On our way, there was a small passage that took us on a wild beach, and on the coast leading to the beach near our hotel. We climbed them during our way home back.

The first day, Saturday, we discovered the region. Fréjus/St Raphaël had a very nice beach and port. It was nice to walk here. From 6pm, there was a night market, and every time we went there and walk by, eating an ice cream.

The second day, Sunday, we stay all day on the seaside. The sea was sooo hooot. And we still ate ice cream haha.

The third day, Monday, we went to Cannes. I always wanted to go here. We took a bus to go to 'La Croisette' (where famous people like to go). It was cool ! But I didn't enjoy it that much, anxiety ruined everything..

The fourth day, Tuesday, we stayed around our hotel, we were too tired to go somewhere, so we went to a beach next to our place, and the night we walked, and we stayed on the wild beach, to see the sunset.

The fifth day, Wednesday, we went to Saint-Tropez. We took a boat here, and we saw the famous places of Saint-Tropez (like all the famous people's villa and private park..) It was really nice to visit, but we couldn't done a lot of thing, it was so hot that day

The sixth day, Tuesday, we went to Nice. I didn't really like it. Except from their beautiful seabords, there was nothing. sowwy

The seventh day, Friday, we stayed with my mom's friends. We went to the beach, and at dinner time, we ate at the 'Crêperie du Vieux Port'. MY HUMBURGER WAS SO GOOOOOOOOOOD.

The last day, Saturday, we did nothing except to pack. We took the Nationale 7 to go back to Paris. On our way, we stayed at a hotel. We returned on the road Sunday, but we stopped at a friend's house. Aaaand finally, we arrived at home at 10pm. It was a long journey, but it was nice, because I sang and played games with my dad, while my sis' and my mum slept haha!

So here's my holidays :)
Please tell me in the comment if you like those type of post.
And youu ! What did you do this week ? Tell me ! I really want to know haha

Love, Blueberry xxFRx

all pictures are mine

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