Boston Diary

Hello People ! :)

I finally went to America. It was such a good experience. My first time in America was just perfect. 
And I wanted to save this moment forever, so I decided to write a post, my diary
My Boston Diary

Day 1 : Departure
Friday, October 2nd

FR : 09:22
Ok, today it's the final day. Finally. I'm going to the United States.I can't contain my excitement. This is too much. I'll finally go to the USA. Me, myself, I mean I, I am going to America. Is this real ? Since I'm 10, I wanted to go there, and 5 years later I'm currently realizing my biggest dream ?? What the ?? Oh fml.

FR : 10:15
We're leaving in 15 minutes. Everything is packed. I'm ready. I can't wait. 
This day will be very long, airport + plane uuurrgh. but it's for something cool, so nevermind eeeh.
We're boarding at 4:45, but we meeting up at my high school at 11am, then we'll take a bus and then.. airport oh my words.

US : 22:32
Finally arrived in BOSTON, America. I'm at my "house". Well at my penfriend's house. It's HUGE. I feel like I am at the Kardashians'. Even their car is too big for a little Parisian like me.
I can't believe I'm finally in USA. It's incredible. Magical. I can't believe it. Wow.

Day 2 : Party
Saturday, October 3rd

US :  00:23
1st time I woke up in the United States. Yeeeeeeey.
Today, we went to the cinema with ever students and their penfriends. The film was very funny. Then, we went to a cool Mexican restaurant. It was sooooo good. Then we went back at Emma's. We searched for some costumes for the party. We've decided to dress up like ninjas. Then we did some cupcakes (recipes coming soon haha).
At the party, we played a french song, and we showed to the American our French Moves yes lmao. It was fun tho.
Tomorrow we're going bowling, but I'm not that excited huh. 

Day 3 : Fresh Air 
Sunday, October 4th

US : 20:00
Today, I woke up at 4am. Huh, jetlag...  so I slept only 4 hours.. From 4 to 8, I played on my phone, talking to friends and my mom. Then I watched "Mean Girls" on netflix. My favourite movie.
We went bowling at 2pm with everyone from the exchange. It was fun, especially when we did a game FRvsUS. (we lost :()
Then we went to a student's house. The Americans needed to do their homework. The French students were "free". So with my friends, we decided to walk around the surburb. It's so pretty and calm and clean. So different from Paris. The air is so fresh and it's so relalxing to walk around.
Back at Emma's, I finished "Mean Girls", then we ate and I went to my bedroom. 

Day 4 : Walden Pond Lake
Monday, October 5th

US : 19:36
First day in High School today. We took our breakfast here. 
I only assisted at Emma's French Class, because after that we (french student) went to "Orchard's house". This house would be the perfect set for a horror movie like Anabelle.
Then we went to Walden Pond Lake. Such a beautiful place. The leaves were changing colors. 
We came back to high school, and we watched Savannah (a friend of Emma) during her soccer game. We didn't stay till the end, Em's mom came and picked us to go home.
This "first day" at school was strange. People are really different. I don't know how to explain, there's nothing mean behind what I'm saying right now, but I don't know, it's different..

Day 5 : Harvard

Tuesday, October 6th

US : 21:08
First day in Boston. We took a bus then the "T". We cross a lake, so beautiful. 
1st stop, Senate. We had a guide. It was quiet boring but eeh nevermind.
2nd stop, Harvard. OH MY WORD. It's insane. We stopped at Harvard Yard where we ate. Then we had one hour free to go shopping. We went to Urban Outfitters.
We then had a visit around Harvard. It's huge and each corners have a story. 
It was a wonderful day. The weather was great. I'm litteraly IN LOVE with Boston
Tomorrow, real day at School woop.

Day 6 : Ranc's

Wednesday, October 7th

US : 17:56
The school is huge. I did my presentation with L&L today. We had so much trouble for the first hour. We never used a Mac before, it was really funny tho. Then I went to English class, then Ceramics, and finally Physics. It was... interresting. (in physics especially, a cute boy was French and he talked to me a lot)
After school, Emma droved me to an Ice Cream/Milkshake place. I had my first real milkshake. It was peanut butter/banana flavour. uuuuuuuuurgh so good.
Tomorrow, we are going to Plymouth. I'm not really excited about that.

Day 7 : Mayflower II


Thursday, October 8th

US : 17:45
Today we went to Plymouth, next to the ocean. It was pretty, more than I thought. We went in the replica of the Mayflower II. We also saw the Plymouth rock. Then we took the bus and we went to Plymouth Plantations, it was cool.
We went back at school after one hour and half of driving and we saw an acappela group. It was really cool. But I had a panick attack, so I didn't see the hip-hop presentation.. 
The night, we were supposed to go to a hunted mansion, but it was too expensive, so we went to S's house and watch Insidious. 

Day 8 : Delicious Hamburger
Friday, October 9th

US : 17:58
Shopping at Boston *heart*. I am really in love with Boston.
We went to Harvard Square. We ate a freaking post-bad hamburger at Shake Shack. My Vanilla Milkshake was so good. 
I bought my sister and my best friend' s gifts.
Even tho I'm in love with Boston, I didn't really like this day, I was really uncomfortable. I was really anxious this day...

Day 9 : The Seaside
Saturday, October 10th

US : 22:16
Today we went near the ocean. Everything was just breathless. It was a wonderful day. We were first next to the beach (I'll give more details later ;)), then we drove to a forest. There was a path which was leading to the ocean. Everything was in a perfect harmony
At the end of the day, we went to a cool pizzeria for Sarah's (Emma's best friend) birthday, it was good !
I'm really tired. But it was by far my favourite day of this trip.

Day 10 : L'Espalier
Sunday, October 11th

US : 22:57
Today, it was Emma's birthday. At 2pm, we went to Boston with Sarah and Fizzy. We went to a tea place called "L'Espalier", really posh. We then walked, and went to Newberry Street. We went back home and watched a movie. 
Tomorrow, I don't know what I'm doing, but the only thing I know it's that Friday is coming way too soon. I mean, sure I miss my mom and my dog, but I finally realizing my biggest dream. Going to United States is what I always wanted. I would love to stay here 'till the end of October. I don't want it to end.

Day 11 : Frozen Yogourt 
Monday, October 12th

US : 21:00
This morning I went to a grocery store with the mom. I found some cookies that I could bring to France. I found a lot of American Candies, and I'm really happy about that.
In the afternoon, we watched a soccer game. Em's little brother was playing.
After his game, we went to Pinkberry. I HAD MY FIRST FROYO, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.
For dinner, we had mexican. Hm, I didn't really like it.
Tomorrow, we're doing more presentation. I am not ready.

Day 12 : Pumpkin Carving
Tuesday, October 13th

US : 17:18
Today, I went to only 2 classes, as I did my presention the rest of the day.
At the end of the day, we did PUMPKIN CARVING, I love carving pumpkin.
I didn't do anything today, but it's my last day at school, we did nothing special. I feel a lot more anxious tho, so I'm not as excited as I was at the beginning. 

Day 13 : Dinner at school
Wednesday, October 14th

US : 22:05
Last day in Boston. We spent the whole day in Newberry Street. It was kind of fun..
We went back at 4pm, and Em's mum picked me, and we went to Walgreen. I spent 20$ on american candies lmao.
We had dinner at school. I didn't really have fun, I felt really anxious. All day long I was fighting against a panick attack..
Nevermind. Tomorrow, I'll spend the day with Emma. And then we'll leave. And that's it. My trip will be over.
I finally went to America. I spent a week and half here. It's incredible. I can't believe it. It happened, finally...

I didn't finish my diary, as I had a huge panick attack the last day. But I went to school with Emma, and then we stayed near the airport one hour, than we went to the airport and we flew to France. I just slept on the airplane, and that's it, this is how I end up my trip. 

It was such an incredible experience, and I wish I went there with true friends. 
I can't believe everything I wrote really happened to me, I really went to Harvard, Plymouth..., 
I really went to America

This is just incredible

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading my diary, 

Love, BlueBerry xxFRx

all pictures are mine


  1. It seems like you had a great time in Boston, I'm meant to be going there in 2017 as Plymouth (UK) and Plymouth (USA) have links to each other! I'll be going to see the mayflower too, and I really want to go to the Shake Shack now, the food there looks so nice! Xx


    1. Aw that be so cool if you can go there ! You NEED to try Shake Shack wheb you go there :) xx

  2. Anxiety sucks... But you had fun the first week, and it seems to be the week where you did a lot of thing, so that's cool ! :)

  3. Yessssssssssss babe, I loved it !
    Anxiety sucks but you went to America, just think of this, forget about the rest. You, Maesha, went there, how incredible !

  4. Nice post lovely, I enjoyed it a lot.
    It's nice to share your experience with us !
    Love, BumbeLuv x

  5. I recently discovered your blog, and both of yout diary (south of france & this one) are my favourite, looking forward to see more like this x