New Blog

Hello People :)

If you were here on July 19th 2015, you should known that what is written right now wasn't there before. 

I decided to change everything

Before, this blog was just a place where I would right down my feelings, do some tags, and also post some pictures of where I've been. 

And I realise I didn't like that
I didn't want to do that. 

So, I didn't come much often. 

But recently, I was reading all my post, and I realise how much I loved my Diaries and my Hello months. I've done only two in each, but I liked doing them and I like reading them.

I finally got an aim for BlueBerry

Travelling is one of my favourite thing to do. Whether is going to Paris (which is 20 minutes from my home) or Boston (7 hours from here), I love travelingSee @FunForLouis ? Well this is my "life goal". 

I also like to give my advice and tips, baking, doing some DIY. This is why this blog is also a "lifestyle" blog thing. 

I think I won't post that much, as now my blog is more focused on travelling. But every months, hopefully, my "Hello" series will be up. 

Much love, joy and happiness, 
BlueBerry xxFRx 


  1. Heeeey it's "BumbeLuv" '!!! I know that blogspot is much easier ! Looking for your blog spot love x

  2. Heeey ! Saw your udpate ! I'm here now ! Looking for new post soon x

  3. Heeeeey ! So glad you gave some news ! I started getting really worried for you ! But now I understand why you didn't post anything ! Hope you had fun and hope that your friend is ok by now ! Looking with excitement your new post baby x

  4. I LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU'LL UPLOAD SIT AND THINK BECAUSE IT'S MYFAV SO FAAAAR !!! And yes I know, blogspot is soooo much easier ! You'll have fun here !
    Btw, hope your friend is ok by now !

  5. I was a reader of unblog.fr so why not blogspot right ? I know you'll have fun here ! Hope you had fun with your friends ! And hopefully your friend is ok now ! x

  6. Heeey ! So glad you went here ! It will be so much easier and you'll have so much fun ! Btw hope you had fun, and that your friend is ok by now x